How a lack of data hurts your business

  • Bad data or poor data quality costs US businesses $600 billion annually.
  • Poor data is cited as the #1 reason for overrunning project costs.
  • Poor data can cost businesses 20%–35% of their operating revenue.
Source: "Picture Perfect Customer Insight", Aberdeen Group

Smart Data Analytics

From Data to Insights

Mototech provides solutions that empower you to solve your most complex problems today and capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities.

Depending on the area of Data Science we're working on, we know the best combination of storage, process and analytics tools to get the best insights at your fingertips.


What we do

Consultancy. Solution design. Delivery of results.

Diagnostic Analytics

Why did it happen?

Enables you to quickly understand the causes of events and behaviors to answer critical workforce questions. We apply techniques such as data discovery, data mining, drill-down and correlations.

Predictive Analytics

What will happen?

Patterns found in your historical and transactional data can be used to identify risks and opportunities for future decisions. Many techniques from data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to analyze current data.

Prescriptive Analytics

How can we make it happen?

Building upon the diagnostic and predictive analytics, neural networks and heuristics are applied to the data to recommend the best-possible actions that drive desired outcomes.

Complex Events Processing

Analyze patterns in real-time

Combines data from multiple sources to understand events or patterns that help you understand more difficult circumstances beyond analyzing the data separately from each source.

Distributed Processing

Pushing the limits of large datasets

Develops scalable analytics algorithms based on distributed processing in memory for analyzing large scale datasets.

Data Visualization

Complex questions, Fast answers

Seeing your data from a different point of view using charts or graphs to visualize large amounts of complex data is easier than poring over spreadsheets or reports.


Who we are

Passionate data scientists

The Mototech Group provides leading edge Big Data Analytics (BDA) and OnDemand Technology Services with offices in the US and Argentina.

For more than 15 years we have assisted our clients with end-to-end solutions to leverage analytics for data-driven decision making.


How we do it

Best technologies for each process stage


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